A. Gastroenterology & Enteroscopy

1. Endoscope care and accessories 

Biopsy valves  Download 

Caps  Download 

Bite blocks

– US Endoscopy  Download  – GI Supply  Download  – Endo-Flex  Download 

Cleaning brushes

– Single use: US Endoscopy  Download   Download  – Reusable: Endo-Flex  Download 

Endoscope tip protector   Download 

Keeper  Download 

Irrigation accessories  Download 

Storage accessories

– Medical Device Organizer for ERCP  Download  – Transport pad for endoscope  Download 

2. Tissue acquisition and diagnostic

Biopsy forceps

– Single use  Download  – Reusable  Download 

Hot biopsy

– Single use  Download  – Reusable  Download 

Cytology brushes

– US Endoscopy  Download  – Infinity ERCP  Download  – Endo-Flex  Download 

Endoscopic marker  Download 

Echo-endoscopy  Download 

Spray catheters  Download 

 3. Foreign body management

Foreign body retrievers reusable  Download 

Foreign body retrievers single use  Download   Download 

Roth net  Download 

Intragastric balloon removing kit  Download 

4. Polyp treatment

EndoRings  Download 

Polypectomy snares

           Single use: US Endoscopy  Download   Download 

– Short Throw polypectomy snare standard or rotable  Download  – Cold snare: Exacto  Download  – Multisize snare: Lariat  Download  – Snare with needle: Isnare  Download  – Snare for flat polyps: Traxtion  Download  – Mucosectomy snare: Histolock  Download 

           Single use: Endo-Flex

– Rotatable polypectomy snare: oval, asymetric, hexagonal  Download 

           Reusable  Download 

Injection needle

– Articulator – Carr Locke  Download   Download  – Teflon  Download 

Polyp trap

– E-trap  Download  – Instream  Download 

Roth nets  Download 

5. Bleed management and irrigation


– Rotatable hemostatic clips AGS – Rotatable hemostatic clips Endo Flex  Download  – Padlock clip  Download 

Esophageal MultiBand ligator  Download 

 – Smartband  Download 

Stent in esophageal varices

 – Danis  Download   Download 

Bipolar hemostasis probe  Download                 

Injection needles

– Articulator – Carr Locke  Download   Download  – Teflon  Download 

Suction solutions

– Direct suction device: Biovac  Download 

Irrigation solutions

– Bioshield irrigator  Download   – Water bottle cap system with/without CO2 Aquashield  Download  – Irrigation tubings & scope connectors  Download 


Guide wires

– Guide wire Endo-Flex  Download 


– Single use  Download  – Reusable  Download 

Biliary dilators

– Single use  Download  – Reusable  Download 

Balloon catheters  Download 

Progressive balloon catheters

– Latex free  Download  – Standard  Download 

        Nasobilliary drainage set  Download 

Cysto-gastro set

– Single use  Download  – Reusable  Download 


– Single use  Download  – Reusable  Download 

Extraction baskets

– Single use  Download  – Reusable  Download 

Mechanical lithotripter

– Lithotripsy set  Download  – Spirals and baskets single use  Download  – Spirals and baskets reusable  Download 

Biliary dillatation balloons  Download 

Plastic stents

– Biliary stents PE  Download  – Biliary and pancreatic stents PTFE  Download  – Stent placement sets single use  Download  – Stent placement sets reusable  Download 

7. Dilatation

Esophageal dilatation catheters reusable  Download 

Progressive dilatation balloons  Download 

– Biliary – Esophageal – Colonic

Achalasia balloons  Download 

Inflation device  Download 

Biliary balloon dilators  Download 

Biliary dilatation catheters

– Single use  Download  – Reusable  Download 

8. Stents

Auto-expandable Esophageal

– Biodegradable Ella  Download   Download  – Totally covered            HV with anti-migration collar  Download   Download             FLEXELLA with PULL system  Download              DANIS in esophageal varices  Download   Download            DANIS SEAL in esophageal leaks and ruptures  Download            CREMER in post bariatric surgery  Download  – Partially covered  Download  – Stent extractor  Download 

Auto-expandable biliary

– NITINELLA Plus  Download  – Endo-Flex  Download 

Auto-expandable duodenal & colonic

– Through-The-Scope             ENTERELLA duodenal  Download               Endo-Flex  Download  – Over-The-Wire                 ENTERELLA colonic  Download                  Covered (special order)

Auto-expandable bronchial & tracheal  Download 


– Biliary stents PE  Download  – Biliary and pancreatic stents PTFE  Download  – Stent placement sets single use  Download  – Stent placement sets reusable  Download 

Guide wires

– Revowave  Download  – Guide wire Endo-Flex  Download 


9. Feeding

PEG  Download 

B. Pneumology

1. Biopsy forceps

– Reusable  Download  – Single use  Download 

2. Foreign body retrievers

– Reusable  Download  – Single use  Download   Download  – Roth nets  Download 

3. Cytology brushes

– US Endoscopy  Download  – Infinity ERCP  Download  – Endo-Flex  Download 

4. Dilatation balloons  Download 

5. Cleaning brushes

– Single use: US Endoscopy  Download  – Reusable: Endo-Flex  Download 

6. Aspiration needles  Download 


C. Proctology

Proctology & Rectoscopy A. Legrand  Download 

Hemorroid ligators reusable Endo Flex  Download 

Esophageal Haemoband ligator single use  Download 

Fibre optic cables

Light sources

D. Storage & transportation


Cleanascope  Download 

Endo-trans  Download 

Carts  Download 

E. Irrigation & suction pumps

Suction pump  Download 

Irrigation pump  Download