Boucart Medical,
over 3000 references with 4 groups of products

Our goal is to provide doctors with the most task performing equipment.  We select what the doctor requires from a list of well-known brands and with more than 3000 references.  Doctors can be assured that we will meet their criteria.

  1. Gastroenterology & Enteroscopy
  2. Pneumology
  3. Proctology
  4. Storage & transportation
  5. Irrigation & suction pumps
  1. Endoscopic capsule
  2. pH-metry
  3. Manometry
  4. HP test
  1. Neurosurgery
  2. ENT & Plastic Surgery
  3. General & Laparoscopic Surgery
  1. Storage & transportation
  2. Suction & irrigation pumps

Validates High Standards.

The quality and performance of each device has been validated by already published studies or by tests that we have requested in University Hospitals.