Boucart Medical, Our values, Our DNA

A simple philosophy : « Quality is our obligation, Service our mission »

Boucart Medical’s single aim is to help doctors to enhance their performance.

This is why we have such a close relationship with both the suppliers and the medical community. The quality of our relationship with the KOL has developed into a true partnership with the University Hospitals in the new products evaluations.

Boucart Medical never compromises on the quality of proposed equipment and, as a leader in the field, will constantly push forward the notion of service.

Our values, Our DNA

Boucart Medical was founded in 1991 by Brigitte Boucart. At that time our main focus was endoscopic equipment repair.  This single focus allowed Brigitte Boucart to develop an expert know-how in the field of endoscopic material.  She was able to maintain a close relationship with doctors and suppliers and became known as “the partner that finds solutions”.

Today Boucart Medical is the reference in medical equipement.

Since then, Boucart Medical has become the referred distributor of endoscopic, surgical and explorative equipment in Belgium and Luxemburg.

More than 20 worldwide reputed suppliers have chosen us to represent them in Belgium and Luxemburg. More than 240 hospitals call on Boucart Medical for its exceptional services.